Sunday, August 22, 2010


I decided to squeeze in a surprise party for Chris while we were in UT with family, after all 30 is a big deal so why not celebrate twice?! It took some creative planning to get Chris to Logan on the right day without asking any questions but with the help of some party schemers we made it happen. Thanks to all of you who made this day special!
The Surprise!

Chris a few years ago...

Ryan, Jaime, & Mike

Grandma and her boys (Ryan & Alex)

Caleb getting daddy time

Jardine clan

friends Chris grew up with and their families

Bryan, Matt, Melissa, Chris, Cydnee, & Jacob

Ethan, Mike, & Catherine

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Audrey Takes the Plunge

Wow, what a summer! After going, going, going I am feeling the slow-down now that we are back home and into our routine, we're a little boring all by ourselves! At the beginning of the summer the three of us took a road trip to St. George to visit my family, who we hadn't seen for a year. While there we also visited Chris's aunt and uncle. After coming home for 2 weeks we were trying to find a place to live because our contract was ending, I just love apartment hunting :( . My younger sister was married in July so Caleb and I took the opportunity to go to Utah for a month with Chris visiting in the middle for the wedding. Chris moved us while Caleb and I were still in Utah, but we made it home in time to unpack and organize lucky me! Editors note: the "lucky me" comment should be taken in context as Jessie was not in Phoenix to participate in the sweat fest known as moving.

Aunt Audrey and Caleb


Jardine girls

the sibs plus 2