Sunday, January 22, 2012

December Activities

Until now winter has been relatively mild in Utah, so thankful for that! I discovered the zoo has 1 free day a month during the winter and we've been twice. A portion is under construction but we were still able to see some wildlife and Caleb loved it! The elephants, giraffes, and tigers were definitely the highlights of our visits.

We have also been to visit Grandma Jeri and Grandpa Moon, we always love our visits. Caleb has learned a new way to eat jello from his cousins and thinks he's pretty cool.

Celebrating Life

Chris's father passed away in December 18 years ago. Just after Chris and I were married the family started to remember this day by celebrating his life. It's a tradition we have missed the last 4 years we were in Arizona and were really happy to be able to participate this year. I never had the opportunity to meet Stan but he has an amazing wife and children! They all love and appreciate his example so much. I look forward to meeting him in the next life.

The Fam
The Girls

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Thanksgiving Festivities
In short we had a great day of food, family, and fun. This year we celebrated with Chris's family and stayed with his brother and family for the weekend. Caleb loved driving the jeep and we loved the relatively warm weather in Utah.

All ready for bed

Polar Express

We got to experience our very own Polar Express train ride on the Heber Creeper. Caleb loves trains and was so excited to ride on one. We stopped at the "North Pole" where Santa got on the train and handed out reindeer bells to each child.