Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

This year we put up our new pre-lit tree, purchased at the after Christmas sale last year, and a Caleb-sized tree of 3 feet. He loves all of the gifts we've been getting from family because they all come in BOXES and what could be a better toy than a box? It's been so fun watching him take in all the decorations and lights. Some days he's brave and ventures to the big tree to pull on the branches but most days he stays away from the poky needles. His reaction to the tree had us laughing.

Happy Thanksgiving

We hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving celebrations this year. We joined Chris's extended family in Mesa, about 45 minutes away, to join in celebration, good company, and over eating. As his family is so large we meet at a church house and had approximately 60 people join this year's festivities. We had a wonderful time visiting and watching Caleb entertain everyone. We didn't even have to cook the delicious meal!

loving all the attention

playing with cousin Addie

"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

...for many reasons but the most of which concern me now are weather and shopping!! I love the fall/winter/spring weather in Phoenix! I have never been much of a snow lover and living in such a warm climate has affirmed my dislike for snowy/cold weather. My most exciting venture lately has been shopping. Being the poor college students that we are there isn't a budget for clothes shopping. Thankfully we've had so many gifts and cousin's clothes we haven't had the need to shop, but as his mother I thought it was high time I purchased some clothes for him and couldn't help but throw in some winter sweaters for Caleb's first Christmas. As my family can attest to I love shopping and I love a great deal even more. In fact Chris has commented on several occasions I should shop for others as a profession. Below is a picture of Caleb's Christmas clothes 2 sweaters, one outfit, and 3 long sleeve tees all purchased for $16!

Not a bad haul! I thought I was done but then I found...

Another helicopter outfit! I just couldn't resist as his dad is a helicopter pilot I think my son needs at least one helicopter bit of clothing for each size he's in!

Chris doesn't show the level of excitement I would like so I thought I would share with you.

Happy Shopping to all!