Sunday, April 19, 2009


After many months of accumulating stuff we come to the final showdown, what do we actually have? Apparently a lot. One of Jessie's good friends from our last ward has been kind enough to give us some clothing that her tank/son has grown out of. We just purchased a stroller and car seat. About the only thing missing now is a baby.

Our doctor ordered another ultrasound last week just to make sure the baby is growing well (due to the cord insertion). According to their measurements he is one healthy boy, just over 6 pounds! We were also fortuante enough to get a very brief look at him through 3D. According to some of Jessie's siblings, he looks just like me. I don't know who he looks like, I'm just happy to see his face.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Picture Time

After many requests from Jeri for new pictures of my growing belly, we obliged. We are happy to report Little Chris is growing just fine in spite of the marginal cord insertion. The doctor reported we are both doing very well and have had a healthy "textbook" pregnancy. Chris and I are almost done with our birthing classes, which have been entertaining and insightful. These classes have been great for me because I am the type of person who likes to know exactly what is going to happen and why. I feel that I can cope better knowing what to expect beforehand. With only five weeks before the due date we are getting everything in order. We meet our pediatrician next week, finish our classes, and take a tour of the birthing center. We are getting very excited for our new arrival!