Saturday, December 27, 2014

Family Photos

Our friends took our pictures when we visited Florida this past May. They did a great job, we love how they turned out! It was hard to choose, the little boys look so cute.

Florida and 2 Birthday Boys

Birthday Boy. a few days before his birthday he took his favorite treats to school "brown cookies with blue frosting" aka homemade oreo cookies. On his actual birthday we visited Chris at work where the birthday boy got the fly the simulator. 

 Panama City Beach, FL

US Army Aviation Museum at Ft Rucker

Destin, FL white sand beaches. Chris dug up a crab

 Birthday King

Mother's Day, a ballet, and graduation!

Chris had to work Mother's Day this year but they boys and I went to church and enjoyed the day before Daddy got home. My boys and I even matched!

I took Caleb & Bronson to an open practice of the Peter Pan Ballet and they loved it! It was fun and interactive. Chris suggested I take Caleb to the show so I purchased the tickets and off we went. It was a little too long for him and he didn't understand why there was no talking, but he loved tick-tock crock. 

Caleb graduated from preschool in May. He loved his class and his teachers and still asks to go back. We are so grateful he had wonderful teachers and a good experience in preschool. He learned a lot and it was a great preparation for kindergarten. 

The boy team

Riverboat ride

Caleb has been dying to go on a riverboat ride and we finally did when Chris's brother and sister-in-law came to visit us. We had such a fun time with them going out to eat, playing games, talking, and going to the Temple. Thanks for the visit Mike & Catherine!

Lil Captain


Bronson's first camping trip was a success. He had great time, but didn't love sleeping in the tent or our noisy neighbors. Sadly, we only made it out once this year but we all had a great time hiking, roasting marshmallows, and cooking over the fire. 


They boys were lucky and got 2 Easter egg hunts this year, one at out little town library and the other at church. Bronson wasn't too sure about all the kids running around grabbing eggs off the grown, but by the second hunt he had gotten the hang of it. 

Caleb chose only the blue eggs

Easter Sunday 2014


We were so sad to say goodbye to 2 families we have become close with while living here in Arkansas. We miss them both so much but are happy for them in their new adventures. There are not a lot of kids the boys age at church and it was so great to have these awesome families for a few months! They are our adopted Arkansas family. 

The Barnums & Lotts

Caleb & the Green girls

St Paddy's Day & the Jazz

Caleb in his green 

I bought Chris tickets to see the Utah Jazz play here in Memphis. The Grizzlies won, but it was still fun to go to a game.

March 2014

I'm so behind on documenting this last year, and I've put off getting caught up because I knew it would take awhile. For the grandparents who read our blog I will finally catch you up.

In March we had some very nice weather as show above, 2 days later the temperature dropped to the teens and we had a crazy ice/snow storm. Chris was stuck at work for 4 days, one of those was without power. The freeway was shut down and people were stranded on the interstate. I was grateful we never lost power at home.

We didn't go anywhere for 3 days because I couldn't get our car to move, too much snow and ice. Here Caleb is playing on the icy playground. It's a layer of ice, snow, and more ice. Then he skated with his boots on the surface. 

 Our good friends the de Hoyos Family came for a visit at the end of March. Caleb was so excited to have a friend his age that was a boy to play with. 

Exploring at the Dixon Garden & Gallery, which has now become one of our favorite places.

Field trip to Brooks Museum of Art, we had 11 total kids and 3 adults. 

 brother bath time fun

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Little Man

Our baby is 1! I can't believe how fast this past year had gone. We celebrated Bronson's first birthday many times over. We had our good friends over, the Barnums and the Greens, for dinner and games. 

We also explored the toy store, had a picnic, and played at the park. It was a few days of fun for this little guy and his big brother. Happy Birthday Bronson- we sure love you!!