Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

I have class two nights a week this semester and Chris has been working long hours so on Monday and Thursday we say a quick "hi" and "bye" while I inhale my dinner and run out the door. Since V day fell on Monday this year we decided to celebrate the Saturday before, which Chris just happened to have off. We went to a local railroad park: complete with carousel, playground, stagecoach, miniatures, ect. Then we ate a delicious lunch at Olive Garden and finished off the day with some homework and study time. Sunday we had a great day at Church and Caleb came home from nursery with a cute Valentine cupcake and art project. Monday Caleb and I made cookies in the shape of a heart and opened Caleb's gifts when Chris got home. After my class was over we ended our weekend celebration by watching "Despicable Me", very funny and cute. That was our Valentine's celebration, hope yours was great too!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Grandma Comes to Visit!

Chris's mom came for a visit in mid-January and we had a ball. We had to coax her down from the freezing, gloomy winter to our sunny and unusually warm weather to see her grandson. I think she was okay with it. The weather couldn't have been better! We went shopping, out to eat, to the Temple, visit with cousins, and Grandma and Caleb got some one on one time while we went to dinner and a movie. Thanks for the visit Grandma!

blowing bubbles on the patio
Caleb needs the squirt bottle to entertain himself while I cut his hair

on the putting green at the cousin's house

carrying his lunch

Caleb's favorite place to be, he usually pushes me out so he can sit by himself

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mini Me

Caleb is quite the little mimic. He tries to copy almost everything we do, especially anything Dad does. A few weeks ago we were heading out the door to church and Chris was looking in his pocket for something, Caleb stops and examines his pants for pockets too. He learns so fast, saying new words every day. He continues to be a climber and dare devil, this he gets from Chris. We have now had to baby proof the top drawers in the kitchen because he has learned to push a chair or his scooter into the kitchen to reach the counter and drawers, very curious! Here are a few pictures we've been able to get of him being like Daddy...

two of a kind

flying Dad's chopper
feelin the love

reading Dad's book

Dad's golf cart at work

sweet shades