Tuesday, February 24, 2009

29 Weeks And Counting

As of today Jessie is a mere 11 weeks from making me a Daddy. Of course this is under the assumption that she goes full term. When we were home for Christmas she was just barely showing, but now we can definitely see there is an L.C. in the oven (she calls him Little Chris much to my chagrin). He is a pretty active baby. Jessie will start laughing when I'm not even in the room and she lets me know he is going nuts in there. Sometimes she laughs because he starts tickling her with the movement. Today we were sitting down to dinner and we watched her belly and we could see him kicking and doing his thing. I think its safe to say we are having a lot of fun and he isn't even done baking. Since my Mom has made several requests for pictures of her grandson I guess it is time to submit. This is for you Mom!

Check out that Valentines Day present!