Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh Baby!

We are VERY excited to announce we are expecting baby boy #2! Caleb enjoys announcing he is going to be a "big bruder". I jokingly told Chris the Lott family must feel the need to repopulate the earth with boys (ours will be the 8th boy in 10 grandchildren). Honestly it doesn't matter to us what the gender is, we just want him to be healthy.

You may or may not know we have struggled with infertility in the past. Before Caleb came we didn't share too much because it was a painful subject for me, especially among family and friends who seemed to have no trouble having all the babies they wanted. When we moved to Arizona 5 years ago we made several close friends who have struggled, and some that still are, to have children. Their support and strength has taught me a lot. Long story short after more than 4 years of tests, treatments, surgery, and more tests we were blessed with Caleb. 

It was looking like we would have to travel down the same path with all of our children. We put off infertility treatments this time for many reasons mostly due to the lack of insurance coverage and Chris being gone to Alaska for 6 months. Finally this spring I was overwhelmed with the feeling that baby #2 needed to come to our family and it was our responsibility to get him/her here. I knew from experience it wouldn't be easy emotionally or financially but it was something we needed to do NOW. As it happens I found out a few weeks later I was pregnant. To say we were shocked and surprised is an understatement! In more than 6 years I have NEVER gotten pregnant on my own, and many times not even with IUI treatments. I didn't think it was possible. I am so grateful for this new little one, and feel the miracle of answered prayers in our lives.