Friday, December 12, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Melissa mentioned the other day that Hell must have frozen over since we are now up to speed with the blogging world. I must say it has been a little nippy down here for a few days and it looks like rain. We are happy to announce that we will be welcoming a baby boy in May!! We have a few names, but we are still looking for the one that just jumps off the page. I have been reluctant to give out the names because when other people would mention names for their kids I would automatically assign those names with people I didn't like or tell them that I knew dogs that shared the same name. It makes me feel bad and now I'm the one shielding myself from possible dog names. The doctor who read the scan said everything was looking very good, but the umbilical cord insertion into the placenta was not as good as they were hoping for. He said it wasn't anything major to worry about and our O.B. would talk to us about it in the next visit. Otherwise, everything is going pretty well. Concerning the title, during the ultrasound the kid was turning and shielding himself in the groinal area so we couldn't see what the sex was. Just like a Lott baby to do the opposite of what you ask him. Like Father, Like Son.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Good Times

After viewing both Mike and Melissa's posts I thought I might throw my hat in the ring. Being the youngest I have fewer memories of Dad, but the ones I have are a constant reminder to me of the great person he was. When I think about the good times I find myself coming back to Sunday dinner. He would go lay down on the floor in the living room and Melissa and I would climb all over him, even after a big meal. I don't recall him ever reading anything but his scriptures, its still a wonderful example to me. His was a life without much glamor or fanfare as I recall, but he was kind and polite to those he didn't know. His example lives on in my memory and I thank him for that. Love you Papa.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Graham Cracker Houses

Tis' the season to make fake houses of refined sugar and welcome the onset of diabetes! Since we don't have any gingerbread we decided it would be just as easy to break out a box of crackers instead. As you can see, the architecture is a little sloppy with the one on the left of the picture. We hope to make this a new tradition in our house, the only thing is to exercise a bit of caution when it comes to eating the building materials.

Joining the Revolution!


This is a bit new for us. We fought against making a blog for the last year and now we realize there is no escaping the inevitable. Besides, if Grandpa Moon has a blog we have no reason to keep delaying. The weather here in Phoenix has been fantastic for the last month. On Thanksgiving there was rain that actually touched the ground, hard to believe isn't it? If it wasn't for the blast furnace that is summer, this would be the perfect place to live.

Jessie is currently working for Wells Fargo and she enjoys it some of the time. She is a lead teller and was just recently asked to take a Service Manager position. She thought about it for a few days and came to the conclusion that taking care of her pregnant self would be a better idea. I was crushed.

I am still teaching for Universal Helicopters in Scottsdale. Things have been kind of slow lately, but I'm quite sure that has applied to most businesses. I teach mostly instrument students (learning to fly by reference to instruments only) and I feel like it has been a good fit for me. It is a very demanding and unforgiving type of flight that takes precision and skill. It is also very rewarding to see students begin to make progress and finally pass a practical test.

On to more weightier matters. Jessie and I are expecting a bundle of joy in early May and we are very excited to welcome a new face into our family. We are going to find out exactly whats inside, my money is on a girl. Both of our mothers think it will be a boy, stay tuned to see who wins the bet. By the time people actually look at this we will already know the sex of the baby and there will be a new post and information about the ultrasound. So in light of that, we will make sure to consistently update this little spot of ours on the web. Vive la revolucion!