Saturday, December 27, 2014

March 2014

I'm so behind on documenting this last year, and I've put off getting caught up because I knew it would take awhile. For the grandparents who read our blog I will finally catch you up.

In March we had some very nice weather as show above, 2 days later the temperature dropped to the teens and we had a crazy ice/snow storm. Chris was stuck at work for 4 days, one of those was without power. The freeway was shut down and people were stranded on the interstate. I was grateful we never lost power at home.

We didn't go anywhere for 3 days because I couldn't get our car to move, too much snow and ice. Here Caleb is playing on the icy playground. It's a layer of ice, snow, and more ice. Then he skated with his boots on the surface. 

 Our good friends the de Hoyos Family came for a visit at the end of March. Caleb was so excited to have a friend his age that was a boy to play with. 

Exploring at the Dixon Garden & Gallery, which has now become one of our favorite places.

Field trip to Brooks Museum of Art, we had 11 total kids and 3 adults. 

 brother bath time fun

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